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October 12, 2011

Crafty mail art

My most recent batch of  snail mail was craft themed, inspired by a vintage handicrafts book I found. I put together 7 packages for my mail art friends all including cuttings from the book, fabric swatches, a doilie, ribbon, buttons and some personal touches;

To Anna Searle:

To Jessica Gowling:

To Sumi Senthi:

To Lucy McDonald:

To Jeanine Saylor:

To Ashley Gaia:

To Hailey Restuccia:

October 12, 2011

Hello, again


A holiday, an illness and a bout of creative block has meant it’s been a while, if you’ve missed me then I’m sorry… I have emerged from my cave to greet a wonderfully blustery Autumn and I am ready for new inspirations and creations. An exciting bit of news is that I am starting a textile design venture with my wonderful and very talented Mum, we will be producing some beautiful handmade original pieces so watch this space.

Love and petals,



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